TEMPORARY HOLD

It is our hope to support all pet owners to be able to keep their pets when possible. However, when this is not possible there are options. 

We understand there are situations where it becomes impossible for a family to keep their pet. If this is the case, there are resources available to rehome your pet without needing to surrender it to a shelter.
You can learn more about rehoming your pet through the link below or by clicking here.
If you are inquiring about surrendering your personal pet, please fill out the appropriate surrender form. Once your form has been reviewed you will be contacted by a staff member that will determine if we have the space to take in your pet. We recommend reaching out to other rescues as well as space can be limited. There is a $100 surrender fee that is required at the time of surrender. This fee will go towards the animal’s veterinary exam needed in order to be placed for adoption.

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